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Shopware training - online certification now available

Shopware training - online certification now available

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Whether at home or in the office, with our new online certification, you decide when and where you want to take your test. Every certificate demonstrates your quality and appears directly in our partner listing once you have passed. Customers can then see straight away which partner offers them the best skills and expertise. You can also include the certificate on your website.

How does online certification work?

You can simply register on our website. There you will find an overview of our online training courses as well as the corresponding online certifications. After purchasing the certification, we will e-mail you a link to the test and the required access data. You do not have to take the test straight way but are free to choose a suitable time to take it. There are between 19 and 20 questions for each test. On our FAQ page you can find out what score you need in order to pass as well as further information about the procedure.

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Where does my certificate appear?

Immediately after passing the test, you can download your certificate via your account and include it on your website. If you already have a partner profile on the Shopware website, your certificate will also appear on your partner details page and in the partner listing.

Which certificates can I save online?

You can be certified online as a Developer and an Advanced Developer as well as a Template Designer and a Template Developer.

How do I prepare for the online certification?

Our free online training ensures you are perfectly prepared for the certification. On Udemy you will find the Developer and Template training courses, which you can use to learn independently and at your own pace. We are currently digitalizing the Advanced Developer training and the Advanced Template training in English. In a few weeks' time, all of the training courses will be available on Udemy.

What is the difference between the training courses in the Academy and the online training?

The content of our training courses in the Shopware Academy and those on Udemy is the same. However, the on-site courses include some "live coding" parts in which you can do some programming together with other participants. A trainer is on hand to help and advise. For our online training, you can learn independently and flexibly at your own pace. Of course, you can still ask questions, either via Udemy or, if you require more in-depth support, in our Developer Forum.

For how long is my certificate valid?

All certificates are valid for 18 months. Shortly before the certificate expires, you will automatically receive an email notification so that you can decide if you wish to renew your certification.

Key facts about Shopware online certification:

  • You sign up for the free online course on Udemy
  • We make sure that you are perfectly prepared
  • You purchase the certification and receive a link to the test
  • You can flexibly determine the date of the test
  • After passing the test, the certificate is available for download in your account
  • The certificate also appears in the partner listing and on your partner details page



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