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Storytelling on point: Rausch’s new online presence


Exquisite chocolate with the highest standard of quality – a claim that hasn’t changed since Rausch was founded back in 1918. As one of Germany’s most reputable chocolate manufacturers, the company is now in its fifth generation of ownership, now under the care of Robert Rausch and his father. Since their founding, the company has always followed a passion of sharing fine chocolate, something that their new online presence allows them to live up to their passion in a meaningful, special way. The implementation was cared after by Neofonie, an IT service provider, who like Rausch, is also from Berlin and driven by quality and tradition.

Interactive, intuitive, individual

The new online shop offers every opportunity for the customer to develop a memorable experience with the chocolate manufacturer. Just like in their famous Schokoladenhaus in Berlin, customers are taken on a journey, starting with sourcing the cocoa plants along the equator to the production of the chocolate in Berlin. High quality images and videos accentuate the journey, which can also be experienced on tablets and smartphones due to its responsive design.

“The new website in its entirety provides our customers with a great deal of infotainment and goes far beyond the reaches of a conventional online shop,” said Michael Beck, who is responsible for eCommerce and marketing at Rausch.

Rausch focuses on direct sales

In the process of evolving their brand identity, Rausch had the opportunity to strategize how they sold their chocolate. As a company that was always cutting edge and open to changes, they decided that next to point-of-sales from their headquarters in Berlin, their products would be sold exclusively through their online shop.

Shopware partner Neofonie also realizes a B2B shop

Accompanying Rauch’s digital transformation, Shopware Solution Partner, Neofonie, also plans to realize a B2B online shop based on Shopware 5.1.

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