CrefoShopwarePlugIn für Deutschland



CrefoShopwarePlugIn für Deutschland


This module performs solvency checks and allows for sending collection orders to Creditreform (both B2B and B2C). The solvency check enables the WebShop operator to offer payment on invoice to unknown customers.

If the payment mode is selected, the solvency check runs automatically in the background. The WebShop operator can set basket value thresholds for the solvency check. If the solveny check fails, the customer cannot use the payment mode.

The module has an extended orders view incl. the solvency check result.
In this overview, the WebShop operator can additionally send collection orders to Creditreform for selected orders. The collection file number returned by Creditreform is also displayed in the overview.

You can also find more information about the CrefoPlugIns under the following link:

A pre-condition using this module is a Creditreform membership. Find your local Verein Creditreform by clicking at the following link:

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