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emarketing AG


emarketing is a cloud based marketing software that enables online merchants to promote product ads on Google Shopping, Facebook / Instagram and Amazon.

The company was founded in 2013 and is based in Munich, Germany and Boulder, Colorado.

In 2016, emarketing AG was officially recognized as Google's fastest growing partner in EMEA and is the market leader in Europe for software advertising in ecommerce.

The emarketing-Plugin is available for free and takes over the creation of data feeds for merchants and installs Google Conversion Tracking.

An automated price comparison and other innovative features enable emarketing customers to place online advertising on their own without having to employ an expensive Google ad agency.

Through tools such as the Market Analyzer, Competitor Radar and Smart Filters, merchants can discover and promote the full potential of their products.

Competitor Radar

The Competitor Radar offers you a clear comparison of the prices of your direct competitors. In the product list you can find out for each product in your range whether it is being advertised by competitors on Google Shopping and at what price. The tool also shows competitors who are undercutting you in terms of price. This helps you to focus on products that you can offer at competitive prices or adjust your prices if necessary. All comparative data can be downloaded and processed in a spreadsheet for re-pricing.

Market analyzer

The Market Analyzer shows you in which countries you can grow successfully with your products. Based on your product portfolio, it determines at what advertising costs you can promote your products abroad. In addition, you will receive valuable information on the price level in the desired market, the expected demand, the turnover to be achieved and the ROAS resulting from advertising costs and sales.

In a nutshell, advantages of emarketing:

* Product data is automatically generated via Shopware plugin

* Price comparison for own products

* Identify competitors

* Campaigns on Google Shopping, Facebook/Instagram and Amazon are possible without prior knowledge

* Analyse supply, demand and expected turnover abroad

* Easy analysis of the success of advertising measures through performance data at product and campaign level and optimization of ROAS

It takes only 10 minutes to register and set up your emarketing account.

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