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Schnittstelle zur SelectLine



Schnittstelle zur SelectLine


We offer an interface (called ShopWerk) for the connection of SelectLine to Shopware.
It is not a classic Shopware plugin.The interface is based on two parts: the transfer program and the Shopconnector.
The transfer program is installed locally and takes over the communication with the SelectLine and transmits the data.
The COM interface of the SelectLine is used.The data is transmitted incrementally, i.it is not just an automated import / export performed.The transfer program is controlled by means of configuration files and the Windows Task Scheduler.
The Shopconnecor is a small php application that is installed parallel to the shop.This processes the data according to the used shop system - with Shopware approx. 80% of the data is processed via the REST-API.For data that is not supported by the REST API, we access the database directly (for example, plug-in bindings).