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Use tricoma to connect your shopware shops with an extensive inventory control system.

tricoma is a cloud ERP, means the software is installed on one of our servers or on your own and you only need a browser and an internet connection to access your tricoma from the office, from home or on the way.

In addition to customer, supplier, product, warehouse and order management, the CMS tricoma offers numerous apps for sales platforms, shop systems and shipping service interfaces. You can also optimize your company administration with the ERP. The processes are designed for automation in order to relieve you of many daily tasks and to make your work more efficient.

Our Shopware Connector app enables you to manage multiple shops: Compare products between the systems, collect new orders in tricoma and have the order status and shipping information set in the shop. The extensive app for the connection to Shopware leaves little to be desired. If so, you can expand your system with settings and new features.