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Shopware 6

Shopware 6 17.07.2020

Insight into Shopware 6 plugin development

How expandable is a shop system? This is one of the most fundamental questions when it comes to choosing a system. Every system claims to have the best and simplest expandability. In this blog post, I provide an insight into the world of plugin development at Shopware 6 and also present the...

Shopware 6 20.05.2020

Migration to Shopware 6 for developers

To help merchants migrate their data as easily and intuitively as possible, Shopware provides the Migration Assistant. In this blog post, we show you how to use and easily extend the migration assistant from a technical perspective.

Shopware 6 29.04.2020

The new Shopware 6 store API

In the future, there will be a Store API to replace the current Sales Channel API. A first beta is included in the RC. Why there will be a new API and what is already possible with the beta we will answer in this blogpost.

Shopware 6 20.02.2020

Shopware 6: The Latest SEO Features

Shopware 6 has added many new features not present in Shopware 5 – not least in the area of SEO. What’s new? What’s better? And how do you make sure that your online shop is high up the rankings and easily found? Find out more here!

Shopware 6 31.01.2020

How to link an ERP to Shopware 6?

In this blog post, we are delving deeper into the topic of plugin development, and demonstrating how to connect an external system to Shopware. We will transfer the products into Shopware, create plugin configurations and define automated tasks.

Shopware 6 15.01.2020

Shopware 6.1 is here!

Since the Developer Preview, we have collected and used the feedback from the community to improve our product. Now Shopware 6.1 is finally available for download! Learn more about it here...


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