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Integrated Email Marketing with Shopware and Inxmail

Integrated Email Marketing with Shopware and Inxmail

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The integration of email marketing and shop software makes perfect sense because both systems complement each other perfectly and benefit from each other. We explain the advantages of linking Inxmail to Shopware here and introduce a plugin that helps with the integration.

Why integrated email marketing is worthwhile in the long term

From email marketing solutions to shop systems and CRM, ERP or CMS systems — in general, many specialised systems can be connected to each other via interfaces. The advantage: Data can be synchronised between the systems automatically. This, in turn, can simplify workflows and ultimately save resources.

Such an integration is particularly suitable for email marketing because, for example, newsletters and campaign mailings can be created much more easily and be more targeted. The email tool receives basic data directly from the relevant system. This is very helpful, especially when linking to a shop system, because it allows you to import customer data, texts, images, products, descriptions and prices from the shop automatically.

The shop system can also transmit customer behaviour to the integrated email tool. This means that you can prepare product recommendation mailings with recommendations based on the recipient’s last purchase or product search.

Ultimately, linking the email marketing software to the shop system allows numerous convenient automatic features. This is especially useful for shop owners with a comprehensive product range, large address databases, or online shops in many different languages. 

There are many advantages. To make use of these, you first need to ensure the correct system integration. Thanks to a plugin, the process is relatively straightforward, meaning that no additional programming is required. Using the two systems Shopware and Inxmail to illustrate, we show what an optimal integration of ecommerce with email marketing can look like.

Linking Inxmail to Shopware with a plugin

Inxmail can be seamlessly integrated into the Shopware online shop system. This takes place via an API interface to which the Inxmail Connect for Shopware plugin is linked. Sensus Media developed the plugin specifically for the integration of Inxmail Professional or Inxmail Commerce. The plugin is currently compatible with the following Shopware 5 editions: Community, Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise.

For Shopware 6, this plugin is expected in the near future.

The plugin enables direct data transfer between the two systems: Shopware sends customer data to Inxmail, while Inxmail sends recipient data to Shopware. In addition, product data from the online shop can be processed directly in the newsletter by simply entering the corresponding product number.

Other options include:

  • Defining individual mapping per customer group
  • Using extensive feed management
  • Synchronising automatically or manually
  • Following up on order cancellations via Inxmail Professional
  • Exporting date of first purchase to Inxmail


Once the plugin is installed, an additional menu item, INXMAIL Connect, becomes available for the Shopware user.

All functions of modern email marketing

Inxmail Connect for Shopware allows you to create an important basis for professional email marketing. The plugin can be purchased directly in the Shopware Community Store.

A detailed guide for installing, preparing and post-processing can be found in Wiki by Sensus Media. By the way: When you purchase the plugin, you automatically get 12-months of support from Sensus Media for free.


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