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More power under Pickware's hood: Click & collect and the PostNL Adapter

More power under Pickware's hood: Click & collect and the PostNL Adapter

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You know Pickware as the technology behind Shopware's integrated ERP system. Here we sat down with Pickware's CEO, Samuel Vogel, to learn more about the additional services offered by their click & collect feature as a part of their POS system and the brand-new PostNL Adapter.

Samuel, you recently launched the new feature “Click & Collect” for the Pickware POS. What is click & collect exactly?

Click & collect makes it possible for a customer to place an order in an online shop and later pick it up in the retailer’s stationary store, where they also have the option of paying for their order. In general, it offers a convenient and flexible way to make a purchase.

Who is click & collect suitable for?

Click & collect is suitable for retailers who have one or more connected stores and particularly relevant for retails who have a large number of customers living in the vicinity of their branches.

How does the customer benefit from click & collect when compared with home delivery?

The advantage of being able to pick up an order yourself is quite obvious. As the customer, you have the freedom to pick up the order when it fits your schedule. By going to the store, you can check out the goods before you pay, clarify any open questions with the store’s personnel and even save on shipping costs.

How do online retailers benefit from click & collect?

Online retailers are able to offer their local customers an additional service that increases both comfort and customer satisfaction. Nowadays it’s common to do due diligence and gather information online before making a purchase offline. With click & collect, online merchants not only give their customers the opportunity to learn more about a product online, but also allows them to reserve products and pick them up in the physical retail store. This is a huge advantage for retails, as it increases the likelihood of a customer making a purchase from them rather than going to a competitor. Click & collect also offers considerable cross-selling potential for the retailer, as the customer can make additional spontaneous purchases once they’re in the store.

Convenience is clearly a deciding factor when it comes to choosing between click & collect and home delivery. What services are you currently working on that support businesses whose customers prefer home delivery?

To offer online shops flexible delivery and fulfilment options, we recently launched a PostNL Adapter, which acts as a direct connection between your Shopware shop and PostNL’s popular labelling services. No additional software is required, and no manual CSV export for PostNL or the web interface has to be carried out. With this plugin, shipping labels can be created for each order with just two clicks and can be immediately downloaded as a PDF in your Shopware backend. Shipping labels can be cancelled easily as well.

To the PostNL Adapter

How can Shopware customers start taking advantage of your new features?

There are only a few prerequisites. They have to be using the Shopware ERP powered by Pickware, which is already included free of charge with the Professional Edition. They also have to be using our POS system, Pickware POS. Click & collect is included as of version 1.1.31 of the Pickware POS plugin.

As for the PostNL Adapter, all you need is login information for PostNL and you can start taking advantage of their services right away.


Get in touch

With any questions about Pickware’s new click & collect feature or the PostNL Adapter, you can get in touch with the Pickware team directly by calling +49 (0) 615 162 9303 0 or emailing info@pickware.de.


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