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Now available in the Professional Edition: The Rule Builder for Shopping Experiences

Now available in the Professional Edition: The Rule Builder for Shopping Experiences

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Since the release of Shopware, users of the Professional Edition can also use the Rule Builder for Shopping Experiences. This blog post explains why this is so practical and why it opens up valuable new marketing opportunities.

Shopping Experiences and Rule Builder - two features that harmonise

You probably already know our Rule Builder and the Shopware Shopping Experiences. Both are valuable features. With the Rule Builder, you can create flexible rules, for example, to individualise prices, shipping costs, or content. On the other hand, Shopping Experiences allow you to promote the fusion of content and commerce to address potential customers emotionally.

Since we have renewed the CMS extensions of Professional Edition in the context of, you can now use both features in combination. This results in a powerful marketing tool that offers you numerous possibilities and enables precise target group targeting. 

Based on predefined rules per target group, you can target specific Shopping Experiences or layouts. Premium customers, new customers, or other customer groups thus receive tailored layouts and offers based on the Rule Builder's specifications.  

How to use the Rule Builder in the Shopping Experiences

You want to access the rules from the Rule Builder or create a new rule? Go to the settings of the desired block in your layout and click on the section Visibility. Then you can select the rules you want. You can find a detailed description here in the Shopware documentation.


Working with Shopping Experiences: The block settings are opened on the right side.

What options does the Rule Builder offer in the Shopping Experiences?

With the new feature, you can show individual blocks to selected target groups or hide them. It is also possible to display blocks time-based to display content or actions in a targeted and automated manner. You also have the option to play blocks only if a rule does not apply. 


For example, you plan that customers who have more than 100 € in their shopping cart will receive a gift? Or that customers who shop on Tuesday evening from 6 pm onwards will be shown a discount code? Maybe you want customers who have already purchased in your shop to see a message saying "Thank you for your trust"? As you can see, there are no limits with the CMS Extension!



In summary, with the Rule Builder, you can show as many blocks as you want in the experience worlds of defined target groups or hide them from them. Another cool added value: Since the rules are universal, the same rule is also available in the promotions. You can combine the whole thing perfectly with discount campaigns or other advertisements. In this way, you can exchange the entire content layout and address customers in a highly individual manner.

The most crucial information in brief:

The prerequisite for use is the Shopware Professional Edition, version or higher.

The possibilities and advantages:

  • Target group targeting: Address your customers even more specifically
  • Create emotional Shopping Experiences based on various rules and logic
  • Take the content of the shopping cart as the basis for your rule, the time of day or day, the status of the customer ... - the possibilities are endless!
  • Combine rules with various promotions

Check out the CMS Extensions plugin in the Community Store!

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