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Shopware 6 Release News – November 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – November 2022

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Shopware is here! The November release includes revised error notifications, CMS elements for the app system, and a small performance improvement. 

We would also like to thank the community for their participation, which was remarkable due to the GitHub Hackathon and the Shopware Boostday. Thus, a whole 199 community votes from the issue tracker found consideration in this release. 

Find out more in the respective sections and watch the release video.


Shopping Experiences: New CMS elements via the app system  

The Shopping Experiences are essential for Shopware. They enable the easy and appealing design of layouts for different pages of the online store. From now on, app developers can extend the Shopping Experiences. With their apps, they can add custom elements, so merchants will soon enjoy even more freedom in designing stunning content pages. We are already looking forward to many new possibilities and creations from the community.


Improved performance of price calculation for shipping methods


Previously, if your shipping methodes were connected with different rules and extended prices, this could lead to problems. More specifically, performance issues occurred when customers wanted to change the shipping method in the shopping cart. We've now improved this so that nothing gets in the way of a smooth shopping experience.

Revised error notifications

We have revised and unified the display of error messages. From now on, when you configure something in the administration and an error message appears, you should understand faster and easier what caused the error and how you can fix it.

 The new display now shows more precisely the cause of the error.  

Watch the summary in the release video

Watch the release video to see the new features in the Shopware administration. Ömer informs you about the changes in this release.


Storefront Design Library

From now on, you can find our Storefront Design Library on Figma. Soon we will publish a blog post with more information. So check back here on the Shopware Blog soon. Here is the link to the library.


Symfony Flex 

We've released a new Composer template based on Symfony Flex. You can read more about this here: Shopware goes Symfony Flex


This is about features that are not included in the Community Edition. Take a look at our overview to compare the different Shopware plans.

B2B Suite: Improved self-service functions on the storefront

Since the end of October, your customers can change certain profile information directly on the B2B Suite storefront. What's new:

  • Debtors and contacts (sub-accounts of a debtor) can manage contact information such as salutation, first name, last name, and email address themselves and edit it directly on the storefront.
  • As customers can now manage the required changes themselves, the effort for administrators and debtors is reduced.

Easy finding of the profile settings on the B2B Suite storefront

Users can find their profile settings more quickly in the storefront with the additional "Your profile" item in the navigation bar. Previously, the profile administration could only be found via the "My account" item, which was confusing for many B2B Suite users.



  • Missed out on any release updates? Find out more about recent releases!
  • As always, you can see the concrete changes also in the upgrade.md or in our technical changelog.
  • No matter which issue you’re dealing with, it’s often worth checking out our documentation first.

Go download the latest Shopware version here

Shopware 6 Changelog


Thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests we could merge into this version!

Maximilian Rüsch
Alfredo Aiello
Joshua Behrens
Rafael Kraut
Jochen Manz
Linus Jolmes
Lisa Meister
Florian Liebig


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