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Shopware 6 Release News – September 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – September 2022

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Our September release is here! Shopware includes an improved way of visualizing product variants, more settings for image sliders, a new premium theme, and much more. We’ve taken your feedback seriously: our new features were inspired by more than 450 votes from the issue tracker.

Learn more in the respective sections and watch the release video.


Main variant visualization

Shopware allows you to offer products in several variants – colors, sizes, you name it. So far, there was no reference in the product listings indicating that a product is available in multiple variants. With the latest Shopware upgrade, you can decide whether to display information for a specific or the main variant.


Selection menu regarding the main variant

Improved image slider

Integrate slider elements into the Shopping Experiences to draw your customer's attention with sliding images. The new version of this function allows you to adjust the settings of the image slider in even greater detail. For example, you can choose whether the slide starts automatically, how long images are shown until they change, and how long the animation lasts.

To learn about the configuration options in detail, check the documentation.


In the element settings you can adjust the slider settings.

Rework of documents

Shopware enables you edit document templates and use them for invoices or delivery orders, for example. We have redesigned the module and fixed a few bugs. 

The following improvements have been implemented:

  • All company information is displayed completely
  • The VAT IT is displayed (if any)
  • The company logo is displayed
  • A greeting is displayed
  • Long entries into free-text fields are formatted perfectly
  • The format of the delivery date is adapted to the document language

Documents can be found more quickly in the admin section

The new release also includes another improvement related to documents: You can now search for them more easily, for example, using the document number. Simply enter it into the admin search – the document you are looking for will be displayed.

Performance boost

Whether in the store or in the administration, the following two improvements may boost the performance.  

Fastly: Now compatible with Shopware self-hosted

Shopware self-hosted is now compatible with Fastly. Fastly is a CDN (Content Delivery Network). Integrating it into your system is especially useful if your store receives a lot of traffic. 

We are currently still working on compatibility with Shopware cloud versions.  

Pages with many product links now load correctly 

In previous versions, users occasionally experienced loading issues and timeouts when editing a product detail page in the admin section that was linked to more than 100,000 products. In worst cases, the page could no longer be loaded or edited. We have fixed this issue now, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Watch the summary in the release video

Watch the release video to see what the new features look like in the Shopware administration. Ömer informs you about the changes in this release.


No direct dal calls in frontend

We have removed DAL dependency from the storefront. There were still some places in the storefront domain that worked directly with DAL. These therefore communicated directly with the database instead of using a store API route to retrieve the data.

TypeScript language support

We started supporting TypeScript language that is planned as a replacement for regular JavaScript in a long term. This means that from now on, you can create .ts files without further configuration or custom Webpack setups: .ts and .js files are fully compatible with each other.

However, it will take a longer time (over two or three releases) to replace all existing .js files as each change of a file name is a breaking change for already built plugin bundles which we want to avoid. In order to have this new feature rolled out gracefully, we will not enforce the usage of TypeScript by now but it will become necessary in the future when all core components of the Storefront .js files have been replaced with .ts files. Until then, we recommend using TypeScript for all newly created files, so you do not run into breaks with them. By the way, this is valid for both, Platform and Plugins.

You might have to run npm install from src/Storefront/Resources/app/storefront (or just run composer setup) in order to build:js scripts to work again.


In this section, you will find news exclusively related to the commercial Shopware universe.

New premium theme: Emporium

We have launched a new commercial premium theme: Emporium. This gives you a choice of five premium themes. Emporium boasts the following features:

  • Minimalist wide-screen design
  • More compact depiction of product boxes in listings
  • Perfect for every industry
  • Uniquely scalable
  • Mobile- and tablet-responsive design  

View the theme in our store

A new function for the Advanced Search

We have overhauled the search engine of the Advanced Search (formerly Enterprise Search). A lot of you asked for improvements. 

Now, you can determine where certain search terms point. Redirect them to a specific URL or category to guide your customers to the content they are looking for. The new feature will become available during September.


  • Missed out on any release updates? Find out more about recent releases!
  • As always, you can see the concrete changes also in the upgrade.md or in our technical changelog.
  • No matter which issue you’re dealing with, it’s often worth checking out our documentation first.

Go download the latest Shopware version here

Shopware 6 Changelog


Many thanks to all GitHub contributors for their pull requests we could merge into this version!

Joshua Behrens
Dominik Mank
Micha Hobert
Sven Herrmann
Johannes Przymusinski
Fabian Blechschmidt
Stefan Poensgen
Kurt Inge Smådal
Julian Krzefski


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