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The Shopware Premium Theme "Shape"

The Shopware Premium Theme "Shape"

Let your brand and your products stand out with individual design features that will give your company a uniquely distinctive style. Create the perfect symbiosis of product placements, colors, and arrangements. Shape has a beautifully spacious and dynamic feel. Learn here how the Shopware Premium Theme Shape can enhance your online store and what makes it so special.

Shape your online store

Clean and focused – this is the Shape theme! Shape is intended for an expressive presentation of small and individual product ranges. The open design offers you plenty of space to highlight your product’s features and allows you to further enrich them with high-quality editorial content. The fresh design also continues in the navigation structure and is geared towards a small category tree and a flat structure. Create flawless customer journeys, lead your customers to your products via the start page or the category pages, and captivate them with an outstanding shopping experience.

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Your products in focus

A striking yet elegant product presentation is vital to your ecommerce success, especially if you’re offering a small and individual product range. Let your customers immerse themselves in vibrant shopping experiences through accents and shadows that are perfectly linked to the primary color. The carefully chosen and harmonious color palette can be found on all store pages. With just a few, simple changes to the primary color you can create wonderful color effects, thus impressing customers anew.

Developed by Shopware

The theme has been designed by our own development team and is therefore optimally matched to Shopware and its functions. In addition, you can easily customize and expand the theme according to your requirements with further apps as well as the existing configuration options – from the topbar and footer color, to the shop logo in the footer.

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This is different from the standard Shopware theme

Because of its clean and open design, Shape relies on product displays with large imagery and editorial content. As a result, there are deviations in the range of functions:

  • No manufacturer logo on the product detail pages

  • The first column in the footer has been removed – this affects the phone number and the contact form

  • No short descriptions in the category listing to ensure a focused product presentation – various options to choose from are available

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  • Delicate and sophisticated design

  • Plenty of space for impressive product presentation

  • Focus on images and editorial content

  • Implementation of social media icons in the footer


  • For small product assortments

  • Flat navigation structure

  • Hover accents through shadows

  • Beautiful graphics on the store pages

  • Color scheme change by simply changing the primary color

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Your success story with Shopware

Take the next steps now and design your online store – it’s so quick and easy! Shape, like all Shopware Premium Themes, is freely available in the commercial Shopware plans.

Where can you find the Shopware Premium Themes?

All Shopware Premium Themes are freely available within Shopware Rise and higher. Users of Shopware Cloud can find the themes in the administration under the menu item Themes.

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Users of a commercial Shopware self-hosted version can find the themes under Extensions > My Extensions > Themes. Just install, activate and customize them to get started.

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You can read about how to customize themes in the Shopware user docs on themes.

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