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Shopware hosting for maximum performance, stability and security

Shopware 6 ready

In addition to a team of several Linux administrators specialized in Shopware, we provide a unique eCommerce stack. All relevant tools and web services to increase the performance, security and stability of online shops are preconfigured in this stack and can be activated and managed in our maxcluster Interface (Managed Center) with a mouse click. These include profiling tools such as Blackfire, Tideways and New Relic to find bottlenecks quickly and efficiently, as well as services such as Redis, Elasticsearch or Varnish.

Our quality promise

  • 24/7 monitoring of hardware, network and online shop with over 50 parameters to ensure stability
  • Guaranteed 99.99 % annual average availability of hardware and network due to active-passive redundancy
  • All server services without extra charge like Varnish, Solr, Elasticsearch, Redis, etc.
  • Guaranteed response times of up to 15 minutes in the event of a critical alarm that jeopardizes the functionality of the shop
  • Automatic documentation of all server configuration changes for quality assurance purposes
  • Real-time performance monitoring of load times and proactive responses from our Linux administrators
  • Backups of the last 14 days of data and databases for each customer
  • Shopware certified developers support you with the configuration and optimization of your online shop.
  • Optimized network architecture with Juniper routers and low-latency switches
  • DDoS protection with 1 terabyte network layer performance by specialized vendor Voxility
  • Intel XEON processors with high CPU clock rate. More modern and faster hardware is regularly used - migration of customer shops without additional costs.
  • NVMe SSDs for optimal I/O processing and critical for database and PHP processing

Shopware and our eCommerce Stack - we know this combination very well. That's why we are happy to support you in configuring and optimizing your online shop. The support by our Shopware hosting experts and their know-how are guaranteed.

Test our eCommerce Stack with Managed Center at: 

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