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Oberalp S.p.A. - a management-led

Founded in 1981, Oberalp's vision was to introduce non-Italian sports clothing and equipment brands into the Italian market. The success of this vision has been proven since at least 2010, when Oberalp became the most important company in the Italian sector. The brands SALEWA and DYNAFIT, acquired in 1990 and 2003 respectively, are now European market-leaders in the alpine sector. SALEWA, a multi-specialist for mountaineering products, stands for tradition and experience and meets the requirements of the most demanding mountaineers with its exceptionally light, extremely robust and uncompromisingly functional products. DYNAFIT is the market-leader for ski touring sports and focuses in the summer on trail running and speed mountaineering. The essence of the brand lies in the core values of speed, lightness, endurance and technology: four values that can also be transferred to the requirements of the new online shop. This management-led, family business was looking for a new online shop system for the digital sales of SALEWA and DYNAFIT that met the following requirements: the best price-performance ratio, a state-of-the-art framework and good service. Having met their requirements, Shopware was selected as the foundation of their digital business and the online shop was migrated from Magento with the support of Shopware partner "von Affenfels".


Enormous time-savings due to centralised Client Management

Oberalp uses the agile Enterprise Platform and Client Management. The new online shops from SALEWA and DYNAFIT are completely independent of each other and can be accessed via different URLs. Internally, Oberalp benefits from centralised administration based on Shopware's Client Management. Both online shops are linked to one interface, so that their management is located in one place and benefits from extremely lean processes. The predefined roles, such as "marketing managers", allow the Oberalp team to define responsibilities for both online shops or one of the two shops individually. "Based on our newly created online shop structures with Shopware, we have saved a considerable amount of time in product maintenance and the daily work required for marketing", says Michael Bernhart, IT Digital Manager at Oberalp.

Eleven subshops each for international operations

The two clients also include eleven affiliated subshops, which are responsible for the company's worldwide sales. Thanks to clear menu navigation, the use of the high-performance Enterprise Search and a purchasing consultant, users can quickly find the right product for their individual needs in the product range of up to 1,200 items and more than 20,000 options. In addition, they receive direct inspiration for their next adventure based on the Storytelling feature of Shopping Worlds.


The time-to-market for the relaunch of the two online shops was just five months. In addition to the connection to various systems such as ERP, Single Sign-On (SSO) or CRM, this time also includes the adaptation of the template to the corporate design, especially when setting up the shop's own blog areas with special requirements, as well as the integration of numerous plugins.

A whopping 100% increase in turnover

The success is also reflected in the KPIs, with both sales and the conversion rate increasing by around 100%. "Our enormous increase in sales was also influenced by the use of the Shopware Premium Plugin "Advanced Promotion Suite", says Bernhart. Using this all-in-one tool, a wide range of promotional campaigns can be planned in advance and implemented according to a given schedule. "Thanks to Shopware, we achieved our relaunch goals of maximising sales, providing greater flexibility, streamlining processes and reducing costs," concludes Bernhart.

The extremely successful co-operation between Oberalp, von Affenfels and Shopware will of course continue beyond the relaunch. The Oberalp team continues to enjoy reliable support from the Stuttgart agency as well as directly from Shopware via the exclusive Diamond Subscription, which includes 24/7 support.