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Technical features

    Benefits of Shopware:

    • Quick implementation

      Due to the Shopware Gold Partner supercharged the changeover was quick and easy

    • Using the Shopware 6 shopping experiences

      With the Shopware 6 shopping experiences the history, USPs and essence of wine&something are beautifully presented in the shop

    • Social media integration

      With the help of Shopware 6, all channels can be controlled centrally from one administration panel

    Wine & Something - Shopware for every occasion

    The business challenge

    Wine & Something are disruptors in the online wine market, bringing the UK access to 250+ indie wines from 75 producers in 12 countries. The brand was formed by Rob and Dale. When they decided to start Wine&Something, it was inspired by life’s simplest pleasures: A love of family... A passion for friendship... Oh - and an obsessive appreciation for the joy of wine... But only the really good, really affordable stuff.

    Shopware partner agency supercharged were challenged to bring this vision to life online and produced an interactive, scalable and seamless commerce experience, best enjoyed with a glass of wine. Wine&Something required a commerce store designed for the very sophisticated wine-drinking, glass-clinking underdog. The kind of brand that lives and breathes authenticity, way above profits.

    With this brief in mind supercharged delivered:

    • User-centred shopping experience with product imagery at its core.
    • Integrated social proof via reviews and social media.
    • Live chat
    • Supercharged checkout experience with Klarna integration.
    • Age Verification with Cookie Management


    supercharged worked closely with Wine&Something’s awesome branding agency, fluid ideas, who provided the unique imagery that you’ll spot throughout the site.

    The results speak for themselves:

    • Speed Index: 1.4 seconds
    • Average Order Value: £126.46
    • Conversion Rate: 3.2% 

    Shopware 6 as a real alternative to Magento

    Knowing Wine&Something was destined to be a growing, social hub with a wide variety of experiences and purchasing options, they needed a flexible commerce solution. Shopware, while new to the UK, was the standout solution. With an open API, a wide range of features, and a responsive front-end, it easily handles everything Wine&Something throws at it and more.

    In addition, their hungry product development team is always working in the background to an impressive roadmap, meaning Shopware is only going to improve with time. Shopware 6 is a real alternative to Magento for those requiring an on-premise commerce platform. The option to have on-premise hosting gives us more freedom for Wine&Something’s speed and infrastructure - an essential edge in the competitive market. 

    Easy breezy browsing

    We’ve all stood in the wine aisle, squinting at the tiny writing on a bottle of wine, trying to work out which descriptors are the flavours and which are the grapes. 

    Wine&Something built their site with convenience in mind. Wine should be relaxing, so easy to understand icons help customers to compare and select the best wines for them. These icons are fed directly from a back-end product information management solution, making updates and new product releases simple for site managers.


    Shopware commerce that’s all about the customer

    Age verification and cookies

    In the UK, users must be over 18 to purchase alcohol. The site features an age verification pop up to confirm users are over the age of 18 before they are able to make a purchase. This information is then stored in their browser cookies so a customer doesn’t need to authenticate for every visit. The advanced cookie manager also enables site visitors to select from the specific cookies used by the website and deselect any cookies they are not happy agreeing too. 

    Add to basket pop-out

    When they are ready to purchase, the customer can go to the full basket view, or they can simply click on the main screen and continue where they left off.

    In the pop-out they can instantly review:

    • minimum order quantities
    • shipping speeds and costs
    • all products and their quantities in their cart
    • the discount generated by a discount code

    When they are ready to purchase, the customer can go to their full basket view, or they can simply click on the main screen and continue where they left off.

    Social proof

    As a brand that champions the social comforts of friends and family, best practice social interactions are a must. The home page currently features an Instagram feed using the SNPT Instagram plugin. This allows Wine & Something to curate images in Instagram and pull selected images through to the website. These images are shoppable, allowing users to click and instantly arrive at the product page. Further cutting edge social functions are already in development.

    Quality assurance

    All Shopware projects undergo rigorous testing throughout the software development process. Our in-house ISTQB certified QA team ensure that all end products perform accurately and reliably under normal and abnormal conditions. Testing is followed by continual monitoring of software performance to ensure efficient ongoing operation. 

    A very successful ecommerce project for supercharged and Wine&Something

    “This has been an ambitious project from the start, using a cutting edge ecommerce platform in Shopware 6 and trying to get lift off with a startups budget. We couldn't be happier with the end result and the work that has been done by supercharged The initial feedback and all important commercial results have been fantastic. We are already winning customers looking for interesting wines at great prices.” - Dale, Founder of Wine&Something 

    • Speed Index: 1.4 seconds
    • Average Order Value: £126.46
    • Conversion Rate: 3.2%
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