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The next-level customer experience

Get ready for
Guided Shopping!

Further your reach, interact with customers live across the globe, and create the most vivid digital shopping experiences. We're designing the future of ecommerce!

Guided Shopping is the state-of-the art new feature that seamlessly integrates into your Shopware system landscape and cooperates with your existing ecommerce infrastructure.

Create interactive live video events for your customers straight from your Shopware website – without having to switch between a presentation tool, video conferencing system and store system. One sophisticated solution to highlight your products, engage your customers and reinforce brand loyalty.

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You are now talking to your personal online sales consultant, Kate Evans 👋🏻

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Kate Evans, online sales consultant

Do you need any help?

Robert Smith, Customer

Yes please! Could I have personal shopping consultation?

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Kate Evans, online sales consultant

Sure, I’d be happy to help you! Let's set a date and we’ll meet in the online store. 🙂

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Kate Evans requested you to join a meeting!

Join the meeting

Request a private consultation for an appointment
with the sales consultant in the online store

The customer meets the sales consultant via the Guided Shopping video feature in the online store at the arranged time

The sales consultant guides the customer through the online store, offers personal recommendations and highlights relevant products

The client receives the confirmation that the order has been placed and that the products are on the way

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Sneaker - Running


Product preview

Sneaker - Sporty


Product preview

Sneaker - Mesh


Product detail


Add to cart


Your order has been placed and the products are right on their way.


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Form meaningful connections that last beyond the moment of purchase

Choice overload is real as consumers are confronted with more purchase options than ever. And yet, what they’re really longing for is inspiration, connection and the opportunity to feel unique.

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Brand loyalty is vital to the success of your ecommerce business

Stand out from your competition by capturing your customer’s attention. Facilitate an interactive dialogue and create high-end shopping experiences that build lasting, personal connections.

Guided Shopping combines sophisticated video technology, CMS and consumer analytics, allowing you to host first-class, interactive shopping events on your Shopware ecommerce site.

Deliver personalised product recommendations that are relevant to your customers. Reduce complexity on both ends. And boost your conversion rate by creating the most vibrant digital commerce experiences.

The new era of customer experience

Guided Shopping: Key benefits

Whether in a private dialogue with one customer only or with a pre-selected, and yet unlimited, number of clients – interactive video consultations empower you to create dynamic shopping experiences and offer ultimate customer care. Guided Shopping is suitable for all business models: B2C, B2B and D2C.

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Integration icon

Seamless integration into your Shopware system landscape. Your all-in-one solution directly on your Shopware ecommerce site

Interactive video consultation icon

Serve VIP clients in a private, interactive video consultation. Or select an unlimited number of customers with similar demographics and interests

Customer profile data icon

Use integrated analytics and customer profile data, allowing you to carefully select only relevant products to boost your conversion rate

Customer interaction Icon

Interact with your customers directly, answer questions and highlight your product’s features and benefits

Customer value icon

Understand your customer’s values, their wants and needs, and which factors drive their purchase decision

Personalized product bundles icon

Recommend personalised product bundles, add-on items or alternative products to increase your sales

Product promotions icon

Enable product promotions, create compelling calls to actions, and let customers place products directly into their shopping cart

Customer strength icon

Strengthen your customer’s confidence in your products, remove doubt and greatly reduce product return rates

What are the technical requirements?

Shopware’s open commerce platform is driven by our global network of pioneering developers, partner agencies and merchants. Together we’re shaping the future of ecommerce! Guided Shopping is in its final stages of development and we cannot wait to offer you this cutting-edge new feature.

Guided Shopping is based on three technologies:

  • Shopware PWA
  • Mercure
  • daily.co daily.co is our chosen video provider, but of course you can switch to another provider if you prefer. That is the beauty of open commerce!

At first and for technical reasons only, the feature will be available for Shopware's self-hosted solutions. However, we are already planning to include the feature for further editions.

Shopware PWA

Guided Shopping in action

Watch Daniel Nögel, Component Owner at Shopware and Matthias Friedmann, Product Owner at Shopware, present Guided Shopping on the Shopware Community Day 2021.

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Guided Shopping for B2B

Imagine racing across the globe to meet all your customers, or potential customers, for a personal consultation to present your products in the best possible light. Shopware's integrated CRM tools allow you to obtain all important customer data beforehand, so that you can solely focus on the features and benefits that are most relevant to each client.

This is what Guided Shopping can do for you, all in the comfort of your office. Engage your VIP clients in a private video presentation, or select a group of customers with similar interests. Add promotions as you please, and let customers place their order on-time. Guided Shopping is the most cost-effective way to reinforce personal connection and strengthen brand loyalty.

Guided Shopping with social influencers

Rarely do you need a huge following of a million people in order to be successful. Depending on your business model and the products you offer, sometimes all you need are those in marketing language infamous "1000 true fans". Your gang of loyal customers. The people who love what you do and recommend your products to their friends and business partners.

Because nothing is more powerful than the recommendations of someone you trust. So why not get social media influencers involved and choose someone who already has a following to host an interactive video shopping event directly on your ecommerce website? Select a group of new and existing customers to sign up and get the ball rolling to build your loyal fanbase!

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