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Shopware 6

More flexibility. Less complexity. One technology.

Shopware 6 is our answer to an increasingly complex world where connectivity and technology are rapidly advancing – and it becomes all the more important people remain at the heart of these developments.


The heart of your shop

Feel right at home with the administration from day one. Clear interface, intuitive navigation, outstanding user experience, consistent design: the new administration deliberately avoids complexity so that you can focus on what is most important to you – your core business.

  • Developed together with retailers

  • Minimal learning curve thanks to the simple and intuitive design

  • Based on Vue.js

  • Easily extensible

Shopware 6 Product
Rule Builder

Write your own rules

An eCommerce system should conform to your processes, not the other way around. With the Rule Builder, you can create flexible rules to customise prices, shipping costs or content.

Global logic

Once a rule has been created, it can be applied to any number of scenarios.

Save time & resources

Map even highly complex processes without any programming effort.

WYSIWYG for business models

Intuitive and sophisticated UI makes it possible to easily define rules with conditions and dependencies.

Example #1

Customers who bought X get Y as well

Example #2

Configurate a sale with sales channels

Example #3

Same day delivery for premium customers

First Run Wizard

Step by step to your shop

The First Run Wizard guides you through the initial setup and configuration of your shop. You can easily select and install language plugins and get an overview of helpful recommendations for other useful extensions.

Sales channels

Sell where your customers are

Whether classic online shop, social media platform, marketplace or POS, with Shopware 6 you can control every sales channel centrally from one solution. Effortlessly list your products on the channels that are relevant for your target groups.

Sales channels can differ in assortment, currencies and languages. In addition to the default channels, you can use the API to create custom connections and effectively reach your customers wherever they are.

Illustration Instagram Illustration Instagram product
Illustration Voice Illustration Voice Google Home Illustration Voice Siri Illustration Voice Commerce
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  • Instagram


  • Facebook


  • Voice Commerce

    Voice Commerce

  • Google

    Google Shopping

  • + many more

Properties and variants

Product management made easy

Managing product variants has never been easier. Every conceivable property – whether size, weight or colour – can be catalogued and maintained from one place. Properties can then be applied to the product level to generate variants of any complexity.

Variants are generated dynamically

Variants can be played out individually per sales channel

Complete control: Override individual inheritances

Product Streams

Dynamic product catalogues

With Product Streams, you can create dynamic product catalogues using flexible filter criteria. The streams automatically update after being created, e.g. when new products are added to the shop that match the filter criteria of the respective stream.

Shopping experiences

Where content & Commerce unite

With Shopping Worlds in Shopware 5, we ushered in an era of emotional shopping in ecommerce. The successor, Shopping Experiences, improves upon this underlying idea to bring about the ultimate fusion of content and commerce.

For the first time, Shopping Experiences makes it possible for customers to have a unified shopping experience across channels, regardless of content or end device. For the retailer, creating Shopping Experiences comes intuitively and requires no design affinity or prior technical knowledge.

Easy to use thanks to intuitive usability

Flexibly design any number of pages: Landing pages, category pages, product detail pages, listings etc.

Manage different content for individual sales channels

„With Shopware, we are able to advance the integration of content and commerce with Shopping Worlds - and authentically reach our customers and convince them of our products. Thanks to great usability, content from the brands can be maintained and our IT team can focus on the development of new features.“

Joachim Franz-Höfle
Joachim Franz-Höfle



Clever marketing for your shop

The popular marketing tools are easy to manage from the administration and can be activated per sales channel. As a condition you can connect your promotions with specific target groups, shopping baskets or orders.

Shopware 6 Promotions
Media management

Next level media management

Content and commerce made easy – this is your central library for storing, organising and retrieving digital media of any kind. Designed to facilitate your daily workflow, this module is clearly structured and can handle large amounts of data without compromising performance.

Automatically sort your media by the appropriate categories

Stay organised by adding unlimited unique keywords

Broad set of sorting, filtering and search options

The administration always shows you where your media is currently being used

New technologies

The foundation for tomorrow's eCommerce

Shopware 6 uses Symfony as the standard framework, while the administration is completely based on Vue.js. In relying on technological standards, we’ve made it even easier to work with Shopware – while reducing dependency on specialised knowledge. Our goal is to make it as comfortable as possible to get started with Shopware by providing you with various resources, completely free of charge.

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Shopware Signet
API first

Unrestricted flexibility

We want commerce to take place where people are; independent of place, time and end device. Following to the API-first approach, Shopware 6 provides retailers with the technological foundation to effortlessly build retail strategies across channels and devices.

Shopware 6 Storefront
Frontend possibilities

Unlimited flexibility

The Shopware 6 storefront is based on the Bootstrap framework and uses Twig as the template engine, bringing many advantages for merchants, web designers and developers:

  • Lightweight and fast storefront

  • Works perfectly on all end devices

  • Reduced costs & effort required to make customisations, thanks to being built upon basic code & development standards that can be easily and widely used

  • Flexible basis for creating your own custom themes


Online trade without borders

Expanding into new markets is a major opportunity for growth – but it comes at the cost of added complexity. In developing Shopware 6, we focused on the international application of the system. This means that retailers will have to overcome fewer hurdles when it comes to internationalising their business; a topic which encompasses much more than just translations. This is where Shopware 6 comes in, offering the necessary flexibility and security to reach new markets:

Prepared for different legal situations in different countries

Multi-currency and multi-language capability

Rule-based pricing and checkout configurations for different markets

Country-specific sales channels

Configurable tax calculation for scaling internationally

Plugin Manager

Extensible thanks to plugins

Shopware 6 is a lean and extremely flexible product that can be easily adapted to meet your requirements – and the Plugin Manager is your command centre for managing the plugins and themes added to your shop. Using this module, you can install, purchase, update or delete extensions.

Shopware 6 Promotions

Central administration for all extensions

Large community that is constantly growing

Directly receive all important updates

Shopware Community Store

Quickly expanding ecosystem

The combination of a strong ecosystem with a powerful ecommerce software forms the foundation for ongoing success. You can map your individual requirements using the multitude of plugins available in the Shopware Community Store.


Plugin successors in development


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