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The future of Shopware 5 is a matter close to our hearts. Shopware 5 stands for more emotion, atmospheric shopping experiences and unique product experiences. Owing to its large ecosystem, this proven product offers the perfect basis for projects of varying complexity.

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Intuitive to use

With Shopware, you can fully devote yourself to the core aspects of your online business. The backend was carefully structured to simplify your daily work and save time.

State-of-the-art technology

With a high-end, trendsetting software architecture serving as Shopware’s basis, you benefit from having PHP 7, Elasticsearch and an open API right at your fingertips.

Individually adaptable

Thanks to an open template basis, the system is completely customisable. Many adjustments can be easily implemented from the backend without touching a line of code.

Open source

Shopware stands for freedom, as it's completely open source. You have new and useful customisation options to make your shop all the more attractive.

Always cutting edge

You benefit from a system that is constantly being expanded and updated with innovative features that have the potential to change the future of online retail.

Short time-to-market

In ecommerce, it’s no secret that time is a valuable resource. To ensure you don’t lose out, Shopware Enterprise makes it possible to bring more shops to life in the shortest time possible.

Shopware 5

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Shopware 5

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