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The Flow Builder

Automate your business processes with the most intuitive no-code interface

The Flow Builder allows you to define and perform highly individual business processes all in one place and without having to write a single line of code.

Automate complex business procedures, create flows to perform specific tasks, and let business events trigger your pre-defined course of actions.

Not only do you save time and resources by implementing effective workflows, you also benefit from faster reaction times, more flexibility and more control over your business operations.

Flow Builder Mood
Flow Builder Mood
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Take your business to the next level

The Flow Builder allows you to respond to business triggers in creative ways that can be tailored to your specific needs. Triggers can be internal events in Shopware or events within a third-party application. This is particularly interesting for complex business models, where standard procedures simply aren’t sufficient.

For example, if you offer a varied range of products – or even customisable products. If you serve a large, international customer base that requires sophisticated segmentation. Or if you wish to automate and simplify complex workflows with your staff as well as your suppliers.

The Flow Builder is one of Shopware's many features that empowers you to design your business model exactly as you wish. Build Shopware to suit your needs – not the other way around. With Shopware you're not locked into a limited system landscape that is holding you back from scaling your business and turning ambitious business ideas into reality.

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Always one step ahead

The Flow Builder: Key benefits

The future of ecommerce is here! At Shopware we're always at the forefront of developing the most innovative features that allow you to run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible. And of course, the Flow Builder is no exception!

Achieve more in less time. Simplify even complex business procedures and modify workflows according to your wishes and unique requirements

Explore new territory. Using the Flow Builder in combination with the Rule Builder offers infinite possibilities to automate business processes without writing code

You're in control. Design your system infrastructure to suit your requirements. Create workflows that have multiple conditions, resulting in individual and variable actions

Whether B2C, B2B or D2C – the Flow Builder easily adapts to your current business model, and yet you always remain flexible to pivot and scale your business

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What are the technical requirements?

The Flow Builder will be standard in all Shopware 6 editions – both in Shopware’s self-managed solutions as well as in the cloud. However, in its initial stages after the launch, the self-managed Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition will offer you the most comprehensive flow options without writing code.

But we're not stopping there! With Shopware's open commerce approach you benefit from a worldwide network of developers, constantly evolving the platform further. The Flow Builder will be as flexible as you need it to be, and can be developed and extended in all possible ways to suit your specific requirements.

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"In essence, the Flow Builder is all about you, your business and your unique requirements. With the Flow Builder, we hand the power over to you. You control the software – not the other way around. Instead of sticking to pre-defined and limited business processes, you can be flexible to create individual workflows according to your specific needs."

Matthias Friedmann

Product Owner Business Ops - shopware AG

Flow Builder in action

Watch Matthias Friedmann, Product Owner at Shopware, present the Flow Builder on the Shopware Community Day 2021

What can you do with the Flow Builder?
Some examples:

Workflows icon

Design workflows for internal business communication and alert your staff automatically if a certain event has been triggered

Order and Payment Customisation icon

Customise order and payment procedures, and offer custom delivery options to streamline your shipping process

Positive Response icon

Design refined email responses and interact with your clients in a more personal, engaging way

ERP icon

Connect the Flow Builder to your ERP system. Define workflows to automate and simplify interactions with your suppliers

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And much more! Shopware's open commerce platform offers infinite possibilities to create individual workflows according to your business needs

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