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Aston Martin

For more than a hundred years, Aston Martin has thrilled automotive enthusiasts with its reliable sports cars and built a loyal fan base that expresses its love for the brand not only through the cars themselves, but also through luxury items ranging from personal accessories to scale models and clothing.

With shop.astonmartin.com, cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH has created a virtual shop window where fans can purchase an array of products from the official Aston Martin merchandise collection. The new online shop reflects the innovative design, excellent technology and outstanding craftsmanship that made Aston Martin one of the most beloved car manufacturers of this century.

Key Facts:

Shopware edition


  • cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH on behalf of Aston Martin


  • Automotive

Special features

  • B2C and B2B shop
  • Worldwide sales via three subshops
  • Product customisation via Custom Products (Premium Plugin)
  • Connection to Sage 100 ERP system
  • Connection to fulfilment system


  • Shopware Business Partner AGIQON GmbH
  • Ten-week implementation period, including testing

All-in-one solution for the Aston Martin online shop

cyber-Wear is a promotional merchandise distributor that provides full-service support to multiple global brands. Specialising in offering tailor-made solutions for their clients, cyber-Wear was looking for a system that could fill the requirements of the most recognisable luxury brands in the world. When implementing the Aston Martin project, it was particularly important to find a reliable shop system that would offer fast and uncomplicated support. In addition, the system had to seamlessly integrate with the company's existing ERP system.

For an internationally renowned brand such as Aston Martin, the ability to easily create additional language shops was also a key factor. Currently, three language shops in English, German, and French are operated with Shopware and worldwide sales are booming.

For the project, cyber-Wear was not only able to benefit from the many existing extensions in the Community Store, but also from Shopware’s high adaptability and flexibility. This made it possible to connect the shop with a number of external systems, including the Sage 100 ERP system. Moreover, the open source solution made it easy to create and transfer in-house developments. With Shopware, cyber-Wear found an all-in-one solution that met all requirements for the implementation of the Aston Martin online shop.

Expectations exceeded

Shopware’s breadth of native functionality and extension possibilities cut down on development resources, making it possible for the project to reach its ambitious implementation deadline of only ten weeks. "In the end, we were convinced by the quality of Shopware and variety of plugins, so we didn't find it difficult to choose the right system", explains Roman Weiss, Managing Director of cyber-Wear.

The Custom Products plugin, which is included in the Professional Plus Edition, was especially important for the implementation of the Aston Martin online shop, explains Roman Weiss: "Our specific customisation problem was made much easier with the help of Custom Products. Customisation is a growing trend, in particular for car enthusiasts.”

Successful cooperation between all parties involved

In cooperation with cyber-Wear and Shopware, AGIQON GmbH from Mannheim implemented the Aston Martin shop. Even with testing included, the tight schedule was adhered to. Currently, products are offered exclusively in the shop, which is why the relaunch was expected to be very popular amongst Aston Martin fans. "Before the shop went live, the shop software and load capacity of the servers were subject to a comprehensive stress test. Thanks to the successful cooperation between all parties, we were able to go live with the Aston Martin online shop after only ten weeks," Roman Weiss continues.

Plans for the future

"In the medium term, additional languages and currencies will be added and the shop. We also look forward to developing a marketplace for all Aston Martin licensees," Roman Weiss says of their future plans. "Our expectations for the shop system and the resulting online shop were fully met. We are completely satisfied with the solution and our Shopware partner AGIQON."


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