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Feature list

Overview of all Shopware Edition features

Product management

Products are at the heart of your online business – from one standard software solution, Shopware provides you with everything you need to effortlessly get started selling.

  • Intuitive creation of products and categories
  • Infinite number of products
  • Import and export of products
  • Maintenance of product types and characteristics
  • Product can be assigned tags (tagging system)
  • Creation and management of your own free text fields
  • Variant capability and filtering of item variants
  • Creation and sale of virtual products
  • Sale of customised products free from the Professional Edition and higher
  • Product ratings and cross-selling function
Customers and prices

Managing customers and orders, as well as various pricing configurations, belong to the core functionalities of your online shop.

  • Rule-based prices, e.g. certain customer properties or shopping basket configuration
  • Customer group-specific prices
  • Country-specific currencies and tax rates
  • Creation of customer groups and customer profiles
  • Structured shopping basket and checkout processes
  • Optional guest ordering without registration
  • Multichannel capability – B2B and B2C
  • Special B2B features available in the Enterprise Edition
  • Clear customer and order management
  • Automatic document generation, e.g. invoices or cancellations
  • Take orders quickly and easily via the administration
Shop configuration

Intuitive operation, numerous features, comprehensive configuration options: Shopware creates an agile and straightforward work routine.

  • Intuitive user guidance during the installation process
  • Multichannel capability: unlimited number of shops including management via a backend
  • Any number of sales channels, shops, links
  • Completely multilingual
  • Many language packs available
  • Simple creation and integration of forms
  • Comprehensive import and export functions with freely definable profiles and mappings
  • Easy configuration of shipping and payment option
  • Risk management (via rule builder) to avoid payment defaults
  • Any number of filtering options
  • User management with various login data and rights and roles management
  • Central and intuitive media management
  • Find things quickly thanks to universal and powerful search in the backend
  • Configurable error pages
  • Tagging function for grouping customers, products, etc.

Shopware’s design has been carefully considered right down to the last detail and optimised for every available device. Your shop design is completely customisable thanks for the open source template.


From the standard version of Shopware, we provide you with various marketing features that have been specifically designed to boost your sales.

  • Vouchers and discount codes
  • Product exports for price search engines and affiliate platforms
  • Creation of dynamic product catalogues with flexible filter criteria – product streams
  • Powerful promotional functions such as time-controlled discounts
  • The most important SEO functionality already integrated as standard
  • Optimised for mobile-first indexing
  • Comprehensive statistics including bounce analysis
  • Creation of responsive and SEO-optimised content elements via CMS functions
  • Standard Google Analytics integration (recording of all relevant ecommerce figures)

Lean, efficient and powerful: Shopware exclusively uses state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with a secure and scalable system.

  • Shopware is completely open-source and available on GitHub
  • Compatible with the latest PHP version
  • Symfony full stack
  • SSL capable
  • Dataprotection and Cookie-consent-tool
  • API-first – all processes can be operated via API
  • Elasticsearch integration
  • Bootstrap, Twig & JQuery as frontend technologies
  • Blue-green deployment for incremental updates on cluster systems
  • Use of additional frameworks, e.g. jQuery, AngularJS or Ember.js possible
  • Composer integration
  • Migration assistant for simple switchover to Shopware *available as a free app
  • Comprehensive caching layer (HTTP, entities, search indexing)
  • CAPTCHA and honeypot solutions to avoid spam
  • CSRF protection
  • Production template

With over 3,500 apps and themes available in the Shopware Store, you can easily add new features to your shop.

  • More than 3,500 apps, templates and interfaces in the Shopware Store
  • Standard interfaces for the most popular payment providers and options including PayPal, Klarna, credit cards, etc.
  • Various interfaces for common systems such as ERPs, newsletters, online market places, payments, etc.
  • Plugin manager in the administration for simple management, installation and update of your extensions
  • Compatibility with multishops
  • Plug-and-play installation of apps and themes

Whether Professional Edition or Enterprise – you have various support options available to protect your investment for the long-haul.