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The PWA frontend built for unmatched customer experience

The PWA framework: Built with proven technology - seamlessly integrated with Shopware 6

The Shopware PWA has been built from the ground up to unlock the full potential of Shopware 6 through an innovative and flexible frontend. With the Shopware PWA, ecommerce teams can deliver unrivalled customer experiences using technologies that are simple and easy to use.

Shopware PWA Introduction
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What makes the Shopware PWA unique?

The Shopware PWA offers a simple integration for developers, maximum compatibility with Shopware 6 features, high performance, and access to the tools marketing professional love.

Unrestricted creativity

Unrestricted creativity

The flexible stand-alone frontend was developed with a powerful UI library, allowing creative designs and functionalities to be realized without restrictions. With the Shopware PWA, you can implement a design without having to focus on the backend and improve the overall functionality.

Love the stack

Love the stack

Fall in love with frontend development with our modern Vue.js app running on top of Nuxt.js. Shopware PWA has been built from the ground up to incorporate the latest frontend tech, and best practices followed by the Vue.js community.

Built for enterprise-level complexity

Built for enterprise-level complexity

We understand the challenges of ecommerce for larger companies. The application landscape is extensive, demands on the frontend are high, and page loading times of less than a second are a must. The Shopware PWA has been built with this in mind, allowing you to directly integrate with your WMS for order tracking, or PIM system for products.

The technology adapts to the requirements of the project - and not the other way around.

Quick integration

Quick integration

Marketing experts and ecommerce managers alike have their own set of tools they know and love - whether for content management, hyper-personalization on product pages, or tracking user behavior across the entire customer journey. The Shopware PWA makes it easy to integrate these tools and augment the existing features of Shopware 6.

The Framework of Shopware PWA

The framework

Shopware PWA was developed in cooperation with Vue Storefront. This next generation PWA is based on years of experience and proven best practices.

Already familiar with Vue.js or Vue Storefront? You'll easily find your way around the application. New to frontend development? Vue.js, Nuxt.js and SCSS offer extensive documentation and low learning curves.

Check out the code on GitHub, the Docs, and talk to us on Slack.

Used Technologies

REST API Nuxt.js Prefetching &
SCSS Vue Storefront UI Library Service Workers Vue.js
Technology Layer
Technology Layer
Technology Layer
Technology Layer
Technology Layer
Technology Layer
Technology Layer

Get a quick deep dive into the Shopware PWA by watching these videos:

PWA 101 - What you need to know about Shopware PWA

Sander Mangel

Shopware PWA for developers

Dominic Klein & Patryck Tomczyk

PWA Use Cases

Want to know when leveraging PWA pays off most? These use cases will highlight its most powerful features and applications for different verticals.

Gusti Leder Gusti Leder

Blazing fast browsing for fashion

One of the biggest conversion killers in fashion is long page loads. Waiting seconds for the next product to load will most certainly lead to a bounce.

The Shopware PWA tackles page load times using an advanced form of caching that brings the data closer to the user and their device. Edge caching means pages are no longer loaded from the server through a network connection, but rather directly from the user’s end device, reducing loading speeds to milliseconds, even with a poor internet connection.

While the customer is looking at a product, the next dress or jacket will already be preloaded and waiting to be displayed in the background, offering a seamless browsing experience.

B2B use cases

Quickly create purchase orders for B2B customers

Cut out steps, and valuable time, for B2B customers in their restocking process. Where out of stock products might traditionally be written down on a list while going through the warehouse, we can now bring the webshop directly to the shelves.

By leveraging the cache and integrating existing hardware such as phone cameras, the Shopware PWA can offer a barcode scanner, which simplifies adding products to the cart.

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