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Shopware Community Digest November & December '22

Shopware Community Digest November & December '22

Happy new year 2023 – May each day of the New Year bring happiness, good cheer, and sweet surprises… To you and all your dear ones!

Once again we have received a lot of great contributions from the community in various forms, a huge thanks to the community for that. Donate likes, shares, stars or share the content with others, if you like it.

Since the total number is increasing so much, we will present the Community Digest monthly in the future. So you can expect the next issue at the beginning of February.

We also are very thankful, that more and more people are sharing their knowledge and helping each other on Stack Overflow. Our next boostday #9 “Check the stack” on the 20th of january is fully focused on stack overflow. More information and registration here.

If we missed any content, you might drop us an email at in the future, in case you created something, which would be interesting for other developers.

Recent Blog Posts

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How to create a CMS-Block in Shopware 6 by Ninja Army

Cypress Website Testing – Javascript for Frontend Testing by Testify

16 reasons DDEV will be your new favorite development environment by Randy Fay

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Install Shopware 6 manually by mittwald (german)

Important settings that you should configure in your Shopware 6 by web-grips (german)

Shopware 6 product feed for Facebook by great2gether (german)

RabbitMQ for Shopware 6 by TimmeHosting (german)

Shopware SEO - This is what you should know by RH-Webdesign (german)

SEO optimizations in Shopware 6 - part 1 by webDa (german)

SEO optimizations in Shopware 6 - part 2 by webDa (german)

Switch from Plentymarkets to Shopware by Alphanauten (german)

Remarkable code contributions & tools

Admin users can mark CMS blocks and CMS elements as favorites by Joshua Behrens

PHPUnuhi - The easy framework to validate and manage translation files! by Christian Dangl

Upcoming Community Events

17.01.2023 Shopware United Meetup NY / New York City - USA

20.01.2023 Boost Day #9 Check the Stack

26.01.2023 Hello Shopware Netherlands / Utrecht - Netherlands

27.01.2023 Community Breakfast Jan´23 (online by Shopware United)

08.02.2023 Shopware United Netherlands Meetup - Battle of the PSPs / Rotterdam - Netherlands

09.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Franken / Forchheim - Germany

22.02.2023 Shopware Meetup Munich / Munich - Germany

22.-24.03.2023 Hackathon in Cologne / Cologne - Germany

24.-26.03.2023 Shopware Community Unconference / Cologne - Germany

01.09.2023 E-Commerce BBQ 2023 / Bielefeld - Germany

Upcoming exhibitons/events with Shopware presence

09.02.-10.02.2023 VUEJS Amsterdam / Amsterdam - Netherlands

23.02.2023 E-commerce Expo 2023 / Berlin - Germany

27.02.-02.03.2023 eTail Palm Springs 2023 / Palm Springs - USA

26.-29.03.2023 Shoptalk US / Las Vegas - USA

29.-30.03.2023 Webwinkel Vakdagen / Utrecht - Netherlands

31.08.2023 Multichannelday / Cologne - Germany


Finding the correct tracking IDs (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) by shopstudio

Shopware 6 Purchase Order Management by webkul

How to Build an eCommerce Store with Shopware 6 by ITDelight

Base price indication in Shopware 6 by Marcel Krippendorf (german)

Create Shopware 6 Plugin by Caribe Digital (german)

Base price information in the online store by Splendid Internet (german)

Shopware 6 Developer Version lokal installieren mit MAMP auf Mac by great2gether

Shopware vs PrestaShop - which to choose? Discussion panel (polish)


[Step by Step] The Open Source Business by Future Commerce

[Step by Step] It Takes a Community by Future Commerce

#25 Ecommerce challenges in the pet-food business with Husse by shopwareunplugged

#26 Shopware new offering with Sebastian Hamann by shopwareunplugged

#27 The real value of the PIM in Ecommerce SaaS/Pass world with Ergonode by shopwareunplugged

#28 Shopware hosting and scaling challenges with Benno Lippert from maxcluster by shopwareunplugged

[037] Project Shopware Frontends by (german)

[038] “Frontends” revisited by (german)

Content created by Shopware:

Shopware Frontends

Shopware’s Vue.js framework for building custom storefronts

Frontends - yet another storefront?

The future of Shopware PWA


Shopware App Training (full course)

The DHL App (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Die DHL App (Shopware 6 Tutorial DE) (german)

Your Shop in one hour (Shopware 6 tutorial EN)

Dein Shop in einer Stunde (Shopware 6 Tutorial DE) (german)

Shopware-Documentation (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Shopware-Dokumentation (Shopware 6 Tutorial DE) (german)

How to create a Support-Ticket (Shopware 6 Tutorial EN)

Wie erstelle ich ein Support Ticket (Shopware 6 Tutorial DE) (german)

Add custom rules

Der Paypal Checkout (Shopware 6 Tutorial DE) (german)


Thank you community for an amazing 2022!

Looking back: Official Shopware recap 2022

The power of a community – a “thank you” post

Shopware is the market leader among ecommerce platforms in Germany

Shopware ist Marktführer in Deutschland unter den Shopsystemen (german)

Release information

Release News: Improvements & more in Shopware

Release News: Verbesserungen und mehr in Shopware (german)

Release News: Customer specific prices & more in Shopware

Release News: kundenspezifische Preise & mehr in Shopware (german)

Shopware 6 Release News – November 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – das ist neu im November 2022 (german)

Shopware 6 Release News – December 2022

Shopware 6 Release News – das ist neu im Dezember 2022 (german)

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