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10 great examples: merchants that have seen impressive results using Shopware

10 great examples: merchants that have seen impressive results using Shopware

For years, Shopware has provided comprehensive ecommerce solutions for B2C, B2B and D2C ecommerce businesses, providing the best open source solution that continues to evolve and adapt to meet their clients personalized needs.

Most B2C, B2B and D2C ecommerce businesses use Shopware for several reasons: 

  • Flexibility and simplicity 

  • PHP-based and fully open-sourced with headless capabilities

  • Better shopping experiences with industry-leading video shopping features

  • Ease of commerce and content 

  • Top-of-the-line security with complete access to the source code

  • 100% data visibility

  • Great alternative solution to Magento 

  • AI-first, with the best ecommerce automation tools (Flow Builder and Rule Builder)

  • The best total cost of ownership for most mid-market sized businesses (starting at $5m online sales)

At Shopware, we’re proud of what our customers are able

to achieve using our platform. Here, we’ll look at 10 customers who’ve seen results using the Shopware for their online store. 

Table of content: Shopware success stories

  1. Juniper Jack: Uses Shopware to create unique shopping experiences

  2. Casey’s Furniture: Increased turnover by 60% using Shopware

  3. ARMEDANGELS: Increased revenue by 10% using Shopware

  4. STABILO: Implementing Shopware 6 has allowed STABILO to combine content and commerce

  5. BWT: Shopware's open-source technology provides needed flexibility to their growing platform

  6. 0815: After migrating to Shopware, 0815 saw an increase in sales

  7. BIOMARIS: Builds and implements custom developments with Shopware

  8. Feelgood: Increased conversions by 50% with Shopware

  9. Gravado: Shopware helps Gravado increase conversions on mobile and desktop

  10. Miss Pompadour: Boosts visibility with Shopware

Customer #1: Juniper Jack creates unique shopping experiences

Juniper Jack is in the business of selling spirits, delivering eight premium gin varieties and two cross-selling products across four categories. By combining storytelling with product presentation, Juniper Jack has increased brand awareness online and offline.

Shopware Customer Juniper Jack

Use Cases


Juniper Jack uses an omnichannel strategy involving Instagram, newsletters and blogs to draw potential customers

Juniper Jack has implemented a new service with its mobile bar

Juniper Jack offers their products on its own store, as well as Amazon

Since Shopware optimized the Juniper Jack online store for mobile users, the website’s SISTRIX Visibility Index score has improved by 150%

Juniper Jack’s online sales have increased by 34% since the implementation of Shopware

When asked about the results seen with Shopware, Juniper Jack’s founder and director, Jörg Fiedler said: “By moving to Shopware, we have laid a solid foundation for Juniper Jack’s ongoing growth. Our delectable gin has finally found a proper home in our new online store.”

Customer #2: Casey’s Furniture increased turnover by 60%

Established in 1921 by John Casey, Casey’s Furniture distributes products all over Ireland, with two large retail stores in Cork and Limerick where they offer POS as well as a click and collect service.

Blog: Caseys-Funiture

David Casey, the Director of Sales for Casey’s Furniture, said, “Shopware 5 really impressed us, and we decided to go with Shopware 6 to really future-proof the business.”

Use Cases


The company’s ERP system is now connected to the website for all products and customer data. The data is then transmitted to Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp and Google for promotions

They use Shopware’s Shopping Experiences feature to create content pages in their online store

Since adopting Shopware 6, Caseys Furniture’s conversion rate has increased by 200%

Increased revenue by over 60% in the first year of Shopware 6 implementation

Gained 16.38% new customers

Customer #3: ARMEDANGELS increased revenue by 10% 

ARMEDANGELS is one of Europe's largest eco & fair fashion brands. Founded in 2007, the brand offers timeless designs, sustainable materials, fair working conditions, and fair pay. They have earned Fairtrade and GOTS certifications and are members of the Fair Wear Foundation.

armedangels sua 2021

Matthias Wirtz, Head of IT at ARMEDANGELS said: “We wanted a new, modern system that’s quick and can make mobile shopping even easier in the future by using PWA and that also offers us enough flexibility and simplicity for our content creation.”

Use Cases


Switched from Magento to Shopware to allow for more flexibility 

Shopware offers the perfect foundation for headless ecommerce and enables the cross-channel shopping experiences they were looking for 

Automated interconnection between Shopware and ERP

10% increase in revenue and conversion rates 

Quicker loading times and a much faster and easier landing page generation without the need for developers

An automated return process

Customer #4: STABILO combines content & commerce

Founded in 1855, STABILO is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of pens, pencils, highlighters, and crayons – selling their products in over 180 countries worldwide.

Case Study Stabilo 2

Use Cases


Shopware 6’s Shopping Experiences let STABILO create inspiring content that is presented in alignment with its own vision

Shopware 6’s API-first approach allowed STABILO to seamlessly connect their existing interfaces (PIM and ERP) to the online store

Improved its SISTRIX Visibility Index score by around 15%

In October 2022, the STABILO online store won the 2022 Shop Usability Award in the Leisure, Hobby & Pet category

Frank Hanauer, Head of Digital Solutions & eCommerce Operations at STABILO International GmbH, said: “Shopware 6 is the right platform for our needs because it focuses on both content and commerce. That allows us to present our brand to optimum effect and offer a unique shopping experience. The user-friendly design and features such as the Rule Builder and Shopping Experiences mean we can implement different marketing campaigns ourselves without any major technical effort.”

Customer #5: BWT - now flexible thanks to open source philosophy

Best Water Technology, or BWT– was founded in 1823 under the name "Benckiser Wasser Technik". BWT lives by their motto that “Without water, there is no life, no growth, no progress.” BWT has over 5,000 staff members at 10 different production sites, and outside of the B2C business they also serve the B2B needs of gastronomy, spas, the chemical industry and even the fuel cell industry.

Case Studies: BWT-Sportswear-Shopware6-Shop

Use Cases


Ability to link sales and communication channels

Heavy use of Shopware’s Shopping Experiences feature in their online stores

Ability to link sales and communication channels

Heavy use of Shopware’s Shopping Experiences feature in their online stores

When asked to summarize the Shopware 6 experience, Anselm Ruby, the Head of Ecommerce Solutions at BWT Sports & Digital Services GmbH said, "System-related limitations are often not economically surmountable with large system providers. With Shopware, a "best of breed" store solution, we have been able to meet all requirements so far!"

Customer #6: 0815 increased turnover rate by 40% 

0815 is known for high-quality brand-name products at great prices, comprehensive customer service and expert advice. With over 90,000 products across 1,400 categories, it’s no question why this Austrian based company has a giant market presence. 

Case Studies: 0815_startseite

Use Cases


Using the multi-channel options, 0815 can establish links to price comparison sites 

With Shopware 6.4, 0815 could free up its resources–as updates no longer involved poking around in the core

After migrating to Shopware 6 in 2020, 0815 saw a 20% increase in sales in Austria and a 40% increase in sales in Germany

Since their relaunch, they’ve seen a 35% increase in conversion rate in Austria and a 40% increase in Germany

Customer #7: BIOMARIS relies on automation

BIOMARIS develops, produces, and sells cosmetic products featuring ingredients derived from seawater, sea salt, and seaweed. Founded in 1937, BIOMARIS is a leading producer of thalasso cosmetics in the German market– they also sell products in Japan, Greece, Netherlands and more.

Biomaris Screenshot Shop

Use Cases


Able to build and implement custom developments with Shopware 6

BIOMARIS uses Shopware 6’s Shopping Experiences; this feature makes it easy to adapt different content elements such as skin types, images, homepage banners, and product details pages

Increased conversion rates on mobile devices by 30%

Increased conversion rates on desktop by 10%

Increased usability of their online store

Hendrik Schmidtpott of BIOMARIS said, “With the switch to Shopware 6, we have placed ourselves in an ideal position for digital transformation and strengthened our digital competence. The flexible system architecture will enable us to react to the changing demands of the market and to drive our growth forward.”

Customer #8: Feelgood increased its conversions

Feelgood specializes in selling nutritional supplements made from natural ingredients. Sporting more than 30 professional staff members who bring an extensive knowledge in nutritional science. Founded in Spain in 2003, Feelgood is now located in the Netherlands.

Case Studies Thumbnail: Feelgood verbessert seine Conversions

Use Cases


Feelgood was able to easily link multiple sales channels through one system by using Shopware 6’s innovative technology

Feelgood uses their website and social media accounts as content channels

Increased conversion rates in their shop by 50%

Nam Vo, Head of IT at Feelgood, spoke to the implementation of Shopware 6: "We are very happy that we were able to meet the timeline of 4 months. This is a tight time considering our complex system landscape."

Customer #9:Gravado saw growth in turnover

Known for its engravings and pyrography Gravado sells personalized decorations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They offer high-quality gifts, and offer customers the option of complete customizability; customers can add names, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, text and even geographical coordinates to the products.   

Case Studies: Shopware_shop_usability_award_gravado2

Gravado spoke to their Shopware migration: "We learned a lot in the first Shopware project and have since used all this experience to launch another store with Shopware 6. We're very happy to be using a store system like Shopware 6."

Use Cases


The Shopware 6 state-of-the-art technology allowed Gravado to easily connect to external systems and implement a modern UI/UX for its end customers

Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences enabled Gravado to act flexibly in many areas and choose all their pages directly from their marketing department

35% more sales through its website

45% more sales on mobile devices

Conversions increased to over 20% overall and 28% on mobile devices

Customer #10: Miss Pompadour boosts visibility

Miss Pompadour sells its premium quality and sustainable paints for interiors and exteriors, they sell to D2C and B2C customers throughout Europe. MissPompadour decided to migrate from WooCommerce to Shopware 6 because the solution the business was using lacked scalability, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to manage performance peaks.

Miss Pompadour

“We’re big fans of systems that look good. Even the default template of Shopware 6 automatically included a whole range of factors that agencies had urged us to introduce as optimizations for the old store. We saw it and instantly felt that’s what a system should look like today,” Miss Pompadour co-founder Niklas Lütteken explained.

Use Cases


Miss Pompadour saves valuable time by using Shopware 6’s Shopping Experiences and dynamic product groups

Average shopping basket value has increased by 13%

SISTRIX index has improved by almost 60%

Power your online business with Shopware

Shopware has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their ecommerce goals. The Shopware source code provides clients with a strong backbone to build and customize their online stores. 

Shopware 6 features have proven monumental, features like:

  • Shopping Experiences

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Multi-channel sales solutions

  • API first approach

These features provide key ingredients to the success of our customers and their ability to seamlessly grow their ecommerce business   

If you’d like to read more about customers who’ve had success with Shopware, check out more Customer Case Studies here

FAQ - Shopware customer case studies

Where are Shopware customers located? 

Shopware customers are located all over the globe. Shopware is one of the top ten ecommerce platforms worldwide and one of the top three in Europe. More than 100,000 businesses are using the Shopware ecommerce platform.

What is Shopware 6? 

Shopware 6 is a new intelligent and well-designed user interface that is much more powerful than Shopware 5, offering more opportunities to present different product worlds.

What are the benefits of Shopware 6?

The benefits of Shopware are flexibility and countless design options, a state-of-the-art system with an API-first (or headless) approach, and digital accessibility for a better user experience. This product tour will help you learn more about Shopware 6 and its core functions.

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