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Shopware wishes you a Merry Christmas

Shopware wishes you a Merry Christmas

When all is said and done, the holidays are about coming together and celebrating tradition with your loved ones. The moments that stick with us most are those when life seems to slow down ever so briefly, when we’re gathered around the tree or enjo...

Interview with Christian Lindner

Interview with Christian Lindner

Christian Lindner is a leading politician, entrepreneur and YouTube star, all rolled into one. He set up his first company – an advertising agency – when only 18 years old. Entrepreneurs are mostly familiar with Lindner for the speech he gave at the...

Your marketing guide for a successful 2017

Your marketing guide for a successful 2017

Our eCommerce Marketing Calendar provides you with the perfect marketing companion throughout the year. Get an overview of upcoming events that could be relevant for your shop along with a handy content calendar for staying ahead of the competition.

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