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Why the Shopware Professional Edition is the right choice for your business

Why the Shopware Professional Edition is the right choice for your business

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Let’s start with the obvious: It would be impossible to lump every online retailer into the same box. Keeping that to heart, Shopware offers four different editions that support businesses at various stages of development and requirements. These include the Community, Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise. Today we want to hone in on the services and advantages of the Professional Edition and report on the experiences of three Shopware retailers who use it as the basis for their online business.

Who is the Professional Edition suitable for?

The Professional Edition is a launching pad for small to medium sized businesses. Designed with growth in mind, this edition comes packed with native features that help brands claim their online real estate and build a successful eCommerce business.

Which services are included?

The Professional Edition expands on the features already integrated in the Community Edition – which include Product and Customer Streams and a range of Shopping Worlds presets – with more robust features and exclusive services designed to take your business to the next level.

Support direct from Shopware

Setting up an online shop requires a great deal of time, capital and resources. Shopware helps you take these first steps with direct manufacturer support. Best of all, with a Silver Subscription, support is free of charge for the first twelve months. This means whenever you need a helping hand, you can get in touch with a personal contact at Shopware. We also provide you with free software updates for your online shop and any Premium Plugins you may use.

As an alternative to the Silver Subscription, you can opt for a Gold Subscription, which offers an even broader range of services.

Free initial installation

If you choose one of our certified hosting partners for your project, we take over the initial installation of your shop, free of charge. After selecting a hosting package, all you have to do is send us the access data so that we can complete the installation process.

Digital Publishing feature

Digital Publishing is a powerful design tool that lets you create dynamic banners for your online shop. You can create dynamic banners using a number of elements, including images, background, text, and buttons. Banners created with this module improve SEO performance through the automated output of HTML text. Learn about the extensive possibilities of this tool in our detailed guide.


Storytelling feature

With Storytelling, you can take your customers on an interactive journey through your shop and inspire them with the various emotions, moods and values surrounding your product assortment. As a standard feature of the Professional Edition, Storytelling is the ideal tool for connecting content and commerce.

Staging/DEV licenses are included in the Shopware Enterprise Edition.

Shopware ERP powered by PICKWARE

The Professional Edition also gives you free access to the Shopware ERP powered by PICKWARE, a powerful merchandise management system that is integrated directly into Shopware. That means you can use Shopware as your central platform for managing all data, whether customers, suppliers or orders.

What are the advantages of the Shopware ERP powered by PICKWARE?

  • No interface required
  • No need for duplicate data storage
  • Maintenance and administration from one central backend
  • Extensibility with Shopware WMS and Shopware POS powered by Pickware
  • Short contract period
  • No setup fees
  • Simple usability and complete documentation
  • Qualified support
  • Close cooperation between Shopware and Pickware
  • Continuous development

Can I connect my existing ERP system with Shopware?

Shopware’s open API makes is possible to connect any third-party solution with your online shop, including your existing ERP system. Our Community Store already offers a variety of interfaces available to help set up the connection.

Discover the ERP interfaces in the Community Store

How flexible is the Professional Edition?

The Shopware Professional Edition provides you with a flexible basis for your shop, which you can customise and extend without losing the ability to make updates. As an open source platform, Shopware can be modified according to your business requirements. The Shopware Community Store offers a selection of over 3,500 unique plugins and themes that can easily extend the existing functionality of your shop in various ways.

Aside from our community of technology providers and plugin manufacturers, we have a team devoted to the development of Premium Plugins, which are advanced marketing features designed to help increase your conversion. Furthermore, each Premium Plugin is unencrypted, giving you complete access to the source code.

To support the growth of your business and help you reach new markets, we also provide you with free subshops, which can be used to easily set up additional language or brand shops. One major advantage is that you can control all subshops from one central Shopware backend.

Can I switch to a different Shopware edition later?

You can change your Shopware edition at any time. No major migration necessary – with the simplicity of adding new licenses to your existing shop, you can immediately benefit from an even more extensive range of features and services. Shopware was built to grow alongside your changing business requirements.

What are my options for renewing, cancelling or upgrading my subscription?

In the course of your inclusive twelve-month Silver Subscription, you are free to upgrade to the Gold Subscription at any time – you only pay the difference. After one year, you can decide whether or not to renew your subscription. If you already have an existing Shopware shop, you can see an overview of all upgrade costs in your account under the menu point “Support Administration”.

You can find more details about the various subscription services and models here.

Will I receive support from Shopware partners?

The Shopware partner network is comprised of agencies and freelancers that specialise in every walk of the business. Whether you’re looking for support with the initial design and implementation of your shop or long-term online marketing services, our partners offer various levels of project involvement that can be adapted to your requirements.

How much does the Professional license cost?

For a one-time license fee of €1,295, you have the rights to use the software without any restrictions. A twelve-month Silver Subscription is included in the license fee, giving you the security of direct support during your first year growing with the Professional Edition.

So you benefit from transparent, predictable costs.

Where can I buy Shopware Professional Edition?

You can either purchase the Professional Edition license from your certified Shopware partner or directly from the Community Store.

To make a purchase in the Community Store, you must first have a Shopware ID. This is required to log into your Shopware account, which is the operational hub for managing all services connected to your shop. During the checkout process, you can select your preferred subscription and license. You can purchase additional plugins or themes for your shop in the Shopware Community Store at any time using your Shopware ID.

Further information can be found here.

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From the experiences of successful brands that use the Professional Edition

Ames makes colorful use of Storytelling and Shopping Worlds

Ames key facts:

  • Active use of Storytelling
  • Recipient of the Annual Multimedia Award 2017
  • Recipient of the German Design Award 2018

Using Storytelling, the online shop from Ames highlights furniture collections, accessories and textiles in a lookbook arrangement. Design pieces are presented using Sideview elements without tearing the customer from the shopping experience. In addition, information about the company and production methods are transparently integrated into the whole design, providing a seamless and informative shopping experience. As proof of their outstanding use of Storytelling, Ames was a recipient of the Annual Multimedia Awards 2017 followed by the German Design Award 2018.

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ARS24.com enjoys the personal support from Shopware

ARS 24 key facts

  • Migrated from XT-Commerce to Shopware in 2015
  • Shopware support with a Gold Subscription


ARS 24 sells car radios, speakers and amplifiers and is so successful in doing so that they won the audience award at the Shop Usability Award 2017. What makes their online shop so special? Their unrivalled ability to provide customers with a breadth of content surrounding the installation, service and maintenance of their products.

"We decided to switch from our XT shop to Shopware in 2015. The Professional Edition was the best choice for us because the Gold Subscription provides us with fast, friendly and expert support directly from Shopware," explains Oliver Weiss, Managing Director of ARS 24.

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GRACE Flowerbox impressed by the scalability of Shopware Professional

GRACE Flowerbox key facts:

  • Shopware support with a Silver Subscription
  • Use of the Shopware Premium Plugins "Shopping Advisor" and "Advanced Promotion Suite"


Startup company GRACE Flowerbox, which enjoyed an enormous boost in popularity from the German version of the TV show "Dragons' Den" ("Die Höhle der Löwen"), uses the Professional Edition as the basis for its online shop: "When we decided to go with Shopware, has already used two other shop systems that same year., both of which offered limited functionality and weren’t able to support our growth. But with Shopware, it was a different story. In addition to the scalability and extensibility due to the large selection of plugins, it is important for us to have a direct contact person at Shopware when we need support".

GRACE Flowerbox uses the Shopware Premium Plugins Advanced Promotion Suite and Shopping Advisor. With the latter, customers can configure their own Flowerbox.

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