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Shopping is a group activity. We enjoy shopping with friends because they help us with our own buying decisions. So much so that effectively it is the people around us that shape what we buy, when we buy and where. It has been scientifically proven that group conversations have a significant impact on the shopper’s choice, purchase likelihood, and spending over time.

Social Mobile Shopping is already vastly popular in Asia. Online shops in western territories, however, only allow for solo shopping experiences. Even though the omnipresence of smartphones, messengers and social networks makes communication easier than ever, shopping remains a dull, lonely endeavour online.

✊ With Groupify we are challenging this.

Groupify enables customers to start private shopping groups right inside their favourite online shops. Creating a shopping group is as easy as sharing a link to the shop via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. Once created, the group members can exchange product suggestions and interact with each other. A shared shopping feed, seamlessly integrated into the shop, keeps group members up to date about all activities. Additionally, group members enjoy enticing rewards for shopping together.

? Groupify works like a tupper party, in any online shop, mobile, 24/7.

We strongly believe that online shopping should be a fun, shared and social experience by default. Shopping should always involve friends, family, colleagues, neighbours or any imaginable peer group. This is why we do it.

As a byproduct we happen to outperform as a marketing channel for retailers.

And we are solving some of the biggest issues of the growing e-commerce industry.

Groupify Impact:

– lowest customer acquisition costs thanks to high conversion customer referrals

– larger order volumes per customer (inspiration effect)

– exceptional customer loyalty thanks to group lock-in effects